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Sedona, AZ is fabulous. The moment I got out of the car, I told my mom that “it was official; I’m moving to Sedona”. There’s nothing like hippies with money in a beautiful location, chock full of kombucha. It’s totally my paradise! A friend of my mom suggested that we visit the Amitabha Stupa to meditate in the morning, before our long journey to the Grand Canyon. What a way to connect with the earth before a life-changing view!

I knew the day would be good when this was the first photo I took!

Sedona, AZ
I’ve always been so drawn to Tibetan prayer flags. I’m not religious, but they’re absolutely beautiful. As the wind blows the threads away, the prayers become heard.

Sedona, AZ
My mother and grandmother begin their three, clockwise, laps around the Stupa.

Sedona, AZ
After praying to the Stupa, we ascended the hill a bit further to find a spot to meditate. Behind us, a Native American ceremony was being held.

Sedona, AZ
As we settled in, I realized that I felt really grounded, being surrounded by the beauty of the Red Rocks.

Sedona, AZ
After meditating, we began our short descent towards the car. Something about these specific prayer flags caught my eye.

Sedona, AZ
We decided that taking the highway through the mountains would be better, scenery wise. We were right. My mom pulled over on the side of the road so that I could get this shot, about ten miles out of Sedona.

The views along the drive were breathtaking. I absolutely love photographs that push the limits on what a photograph should look like. I processed this landscape in a way to accentuate it’s color; the result is this painting-like look, which I cannot get enough of. This was taken en route to the Grand Canyon.

Grand Canyon, AZ
YOU GUYS – WORDS CANNOT EVEN BEGIN TO DESCRIBE THE GLORY OF THE GRAND CANYON. I literally walked out on the first viewing platform of the South Rim with my mouth agape for ten minutes.

The scale of things, guys, you don’t even know. IT’S SO GRAND!

Grand Canyon, AZ
I guess that’s why it’s the Grand Canyon… huh.

Grand Canyon, AZIt’s pretty fantastic seeing the Grand Canyon in so many different ways: various scenic locations, time of year (there was snow), and where the sun is. The sun setting on the Grand Canyon created a spectacular, ever-changing view for us.

20160124_1006948schoWe totally lucked out on having a clear sky, too! After dinner, when I saw the night was nearly cloudless, I knew I had to get this shot. It was the perfect final photo to a beautiful day. I am so grateful I got to experience such a beautiful place with my mother and grandmother!

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