Published Photography with Saint Martin’s, Winter 2015 – Lacey, WA – Event Photographer

Oh my goodness, I can’t even begin to describe just how excited I am about this. A few weeks ago, my point person at Saint Martin’s University asked if I could send a higher-res version of a photo I had taken for them earlier this year, for the cover of their bi-annual alumni catalog. I happily obliged, thinking that I’d get a copy of it and see just one of my photos published! It was a huge surprise when I opened the catalog and saw dozens of photographs that I took for them. It is such a great feeling to see my work in print. On top of that, I just shot Mary Gentry’s headshots for her book, which will be published shortly!

Here are the scans of all my work in their most recent Insights Catalog!

I’ve blurred out everything that wasn’t taken by me. 🙂

img001_Cover  img002_page 2_copy

img003_Page 10 img004_Page 11 - bottom right only_coptimg005_page 12_13 img008_page 14_15Untitled-1 img012_page20_21img013_page28_bottomright_copy img014_page 29_middle_copt

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