City of Angels, day one – Los Angeles, CA – Lifestyle Photographer

So two days ago I got in a really terrible car accident. I had been driving Daniel’s car while he was deployed, and it was going great until it wasn’t. I almost didn’t make it to LA, since I was too rattled to drive my car to the airport — luckily my mom’s quick thinking got me to the airport safely and down to a warmer, less car-accident  filled (probably statistically inaccurate) climate. Thank [your-deity-here] for properly built cars and safety mechanisms. I’ll admit, it was hard to even sit in the airport-shuttle without having a panic attack, but I’m glad I bore through it. Here’s a little bit about my first day in Los Angeles day: okay, so, my mom is amazing, inside and out; she is seriously one of the coolest people I know and she’s beautiful to boot! She recently moved to Los Angeles and invited me down for a week to check it out and get my mind off of Daniel’s deployment. The house she moved into is an eccentric, kick-ass adobe built in the 1930s. Here are a few shots of the details of her place and of her, of course!


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