75th Ranger Rendezvous HALO Jump – Columbus, GA Event Photographer

“The 75th Ranger Regiment hosts its bi-annual change of command activities – Ranger Rendezvous – at Fort Benning, Georgia beginning Monday, June 26 and ending Friday, June 30, 2017. Ranger Rendezvous 2017 marks the beginning of a 15 month celebration of the 75 year anniversary of the modern American Ranger during World War II with the establishment of 1st Ranger Battalion on June 19, 1942 and Merrill’s Marauders on Oct 3, 1943.

Ranger Rendezvous 2017 is the 30th anniversary of the Rendezvous held in 1987. The four-day event begins on Monday, June 26 with a mass tactical airborne assault….” – [more] Fort Benning Website

I always enjoy an opportunity to watch and photograph members of the 75th Ranger Regiment performing various Airborne, HALO, and HAHO operations at Fryar DZ. It’s truly an honor to witness, firsthand, the talent and training that these dedicated men have perfected through their rigorous training, standards, and dedication to their work.

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